To install the Vinyl Master XY-300P driver:

1 - Click on the link below to download the driver which is in a ZIP file.

2 - When prompted to open or save, choose save.

3 - Open the ZIP file from the folder you saved it in.

4 - Extract the CSM file from the zip file into the OutputDrivers folder of FlexiSign.
        example: C:\Program Files\FlexiSIGN-PRO 7.5v2\OutputDrivers
          Your FlexiSign folder will be named with the version you have.

4 - If Flexi Sign is open, close the program and restart.

5 - Once restarted open any file existing file.

6 - Open the Production Manager (Control L)

7 - From the Production Manager choose Setup and then Add Setup

8 - In the Add Setup box scroll down to Vinyl Master and click once to highlight it.

9 - In the right hand box click once the XY-300P to highlight it and then click Next.

10 - Click Next again.

11 - Pick the port you want to use; If you connect to the printer port choose the LPT 1: port if you are connecting to a serial port pick a COM port.

12 - Click Finish to complete the process.

Click here to download the Vinyl Master XY-300P driver.